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Inspiring Excellence & Innovation 

Beaverworx - Team 2609 is a robotics team located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. For more than 16 years, Beaverworx has been inspiring excellence and innovation. Building skills in individuals, molding them into better versions of themselves. Opening pathways into careers in STEM and becoming future leaders and positive members of society.

Beaverworx laid its foundation in 2007 when teachers Michael Moore,

Kevin Reid and Gerry Della Savia created a robotics and manufacturing

program to offer the high school students in the local community of the

City of Guelph. With the help of other mentors from the community such

as Antoine Trabulsi, the team was formed. Initially entered in the 2008

First Robotics Competition season as Lourdes Robotics, Team 2609

had an amazing rookie year, winning multiple awards including Rookie All-Star. So how did Lourdes Robotics become Beaverworx? Well, it was inspired by two things. The first is Skunkworks, Lockheed Martin's infamous Advanced Development Programs where they develop exotic and next generation aircraft. The other is one fateful day in the 2008 season where a parent/visitor peeked into the club room and said "Look at those busy Beavers!" Thus, in the following year the team adopted the name Beaverworx.

Beaverworx has been continually competing in the First Robotics Competition, with a strong drive for success. Being a beaver in Team 2609 allows one to gain hands-on experience and exposure to all aspects of STEM. Each year, the team follows a strict timeline to design, build and program a multifunctional robot. But outside of this, our team focuses on allowing students to gain skills in leadership, communication, and experience cross-functional teamwork, developing the soft-skills that places a student a step ahead into their future.

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Notable Acchievements

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